GlowSpray Most Innovative Aerosol Product 2013!

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GlowSpray wins award for Most Innovative Aerosol Product for 2013!  The prestigious award was presented by The Fédération Européenne des Aérosols (FEA) in Madrid last month.

Here’s the link.

Pretty cool!

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   Aerobie® with paper disc    Sprayed with GlowSpray         Glow Seconds Later

It’s summertime and that means the time is right for playing out-of-doors.  So, put on the bug spray and get outside!  Of course, it’s a little hot in the sun, but the temperature is perfect at night for outdoor games.  It’s a little hard to see in the dark unless you have a pair of night-vision goggles.  So, we got to work on our Frisbee® and voila!  GlowSpray Frisbee!

I know there are glow-in-the-dark Frisbees, but they’re not very bright, hard to see and you have to hold them under a light just before you run outside and use it.  What’s up with that?

GlowSpray is different.  It glows brightly for hours, needs no charging and is re-useable.  So, we glued a small, circular piece of watercolor paper onto the top of our favorite Aerobie® Superdisc, sprayed it with GlowSpray and let it rip!  Check out the images above.

Our Aerobie® Superdisc flew further than the Aerobie Skylighter, because it needs no batteries to power the LEDs.  Also, the green color doesn’t attract bugs or mosquitos!  GlowSpray is odorless, colorless, non-flammable, biodegradable, re-usabale and washes off of clothes with soap, hot water and sunlight.

Available now online at, select iParty Stores.        iparty

GlowSpray – Spray it On, Wash it Out!

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GlowSpray – Spray it On, Wash it Off!

GlowSpray washout

Everybody knows what a glowstick is and what glow-in-the-dark spray paint is, but they are very different!  Of course, a glowstick is a plastic tube you crack and it glows for hours.  You can wave it around and stare at it, but that’s about all there is to do.  You can’t turn it off or turn it back on again.  You use it once and then throw it away and it’s not recyclable because of the broken glass inside!

Have you seen anything painted with glow-in-the-dark spray paint?  It is no where’s near as bright as a glowstick and has to be “charged up” minutes before the lights go out, hence the name “day glow”.  You can also make it glow with a black light, but no charging or no black light and no glow.

Can you wash out glow-in-the-dark paint?  No way!  Once the paint dries, you may never get it out.

GlowSpray is different.  Check out the t-shirt sprayed with GlowSpray.  It GLOWS BRIGHTLY, INSTANTLY, lasts for hours and WASHES OUT COMPLETELY with laundry detergent, hot water and a little sunlight!   GlowSpray is also non-toxic, non-flammable and re-usable. Each can holds as much as forty glowsticks and it’s biodegradable.

Available now at select iParty Stores, Windy City Novelties, and Glow Products Canada. Check us out at


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Here’s a link to a quick video that we did for Glow Products Canada.

They said that, “everyone is going to spray it on their skin”!  Since GlowSpray tested safer than Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for eye irritancy, we knew that it would be somewhat safe to rub it on your skin, but of course this is something we don’t really endorse.

I was quite surprised!  I didn’t think that it would glow that bright!  GlowSpray doesn’t really dry, so you can spray it on and wash it off with soap and warm water.  But please, do it outside!

My hands are back to the normal color now, but after taking a look at this video, you can see where this is headed.  Just let your imagination run wild! Cans are now available at select iParty Stores.

GlowSpray is Finally Here!

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After all the years of hard work GlowSpray is FINALLY available in retail stores.  

Starting next week you can purchase GlowSpray at any iParty store in Massachusetts.   

Pick one up before they sellout. They’re going quickly!


Microsoft Word - GlowSpray Label 06 21 10.doc




How To Use GlowSpray

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So, what can you do with GlowSpray?  How do you use it?

Think of GlowSpray as a temporary fabric spray.  It works best when sprayed on white, absorbent materials; such as cotton or paper.  GlowSpray is great for spraying on t-shirts and running socks.  A great bar trick is to spray a cotton ball or crumpled up tissue in a clear plastic cup or glass.

You can also spray sidewalks, but you may find that the sidewalk got a little cleaner underneath the letters after washing them away!  You can even spray snow, but set the can outside in the cold for about fifteen minutes before spraying.

You can spray the can in any position, even upside-down.  Get close to the surface to be sprayed.  GlowSpray works best when the nozzle is about three inches away.  This gives you the best control over writing messages and symbols.

GlowSpray will glow for hours and is much, much brighter than any glow-in-the-dark (“photoluminescent”) product.   Unlike glow-in-the-dark sprays, GlowSpray is odorless and NON-FLAMMABLE.  It glows brightly under most conditions and needs no charging from a light source or black light at all.  It is, essentially, a glowstick in a spray can.  The warmer it is outside, the brighter it will glow, but this will also shorten its glow time to only a few hours.   Sometimes, the glow can persist for a whole day.

GlowSpray is the only reusable glow product.  It contains the equivalent of about thirty glowsticks, so you can deliver the power of thirty glowsticks all at once or meter it out slowly over thirty days and nights.  That’s the equivalent of about two hundred hours of glow time; which is ten-times longer than any flashlight!

GlowSpray is temporary and never really dries, so it washes out of even the newest white cotton fabric.  Simply wash with plenty of soap in HOT water.  Repeat if necessary and if a faint remnant persists in the fabric, simply hang it outside in the sun for about thirty minutes and it will be completely gone.

Careful, GlowSpray can drip and run on vertical, non-absorbent surfaces.  It can also remove some paints, finishes and kill some grasses.

GlowSpray has been tested by the Consumer Product Testing Company and found to be safer than Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for eye irritancy.  Do NOT spray GlowSpray in your eyes, face, nose or mouth; but spray it on your t-shirt and have fun.

Stay tuned, next time we’ll talk about where you can buy GlowSpray.

Socks T-shirt and lantern

iParty Selling GlowSpray do-it-yourself copies

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I just saw this product by AlsaLume in the local iParty store.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It looks like someone grabbed a couple of plastic spray bottles from Home Depot  or a refillable roll-on deodorant  bottle from CVS, took apart a glowstick, threw them together and put it on the counter for sale!  At $20 each, it’s pretty pricey, too!  This is  a picture of what it looks like.










I can’t wait till they get a load of GlowSpray.  It’s been a long time coming, but it’s almost here!

So, how did GlowSpray begin?

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Well, one Halloween night, after all of the trick-or-treaters had left, I was sitting on my son’s bed, with a glowstick in hand.  I started looking at if carefully, thinking, “What a primitive package”!  You could tell there was this little glass tube inside, which resembled an ampoule.  This is an ancient package that predates chemistry and goes all of the way back to alchemy, you know the guys who wanted to turn lead into gold?  When the alchemist finished heating up their test tubes, they would turn the flame on the side and then crimp and seal the glass tube.  Of course, when you break the glass ampoule inside the glowstick, there are all of these glass shards everywhere.  What a mess!  I thought, there had to be a better way!

Of course, the reason for the glass tube inside the glowstick is to separate the two liquids.  So, to produce that strange cold glowing light, the two liquids have to mix.  To do this, the glass tube breaks and mixes the liquid inside it with the a different liquid outside the glass, but inside the plastic tube.  There had to be a better way!

Everyone’s seen those double syringes for the thick, messy epoxy glues.  I knew that wouldn’t work and that the right package was key.  I started searching for dual dispensers and binary dispensers and came across several different packages.  There were aerosol sprays and pump sprays, but they were all horrible!  Either they didn’t work at all or they leaked all over the place.  What a mess!  Finally, after almost three years of testing, we came upon the right aerosol spray package.

We knew that we were going to be spraying GlowSpray all around, so it had to be safe.  Many glowsticks were flammable and had some banned chemicals in them, so all of that had to go.  Replacing those ingredients and keeping the same glow brightness wasn’t easy, but we did it.  As it turned out, the big advantage of making GlowSpray non-flammable was if you happened to get it in your eyes, it would sting less than Johnson’s Baby Shampoo!

Next time, losing my job during the worst job market since the Great Depression!