So, how did GlowSpray begin?

Posted in Uncategorized by glowspray on November 19, 2012

Well, one Halloween night, after all of the trick-or-treaters had left, I was sitting on my son’s bed, with a glowstick in hand.  I started looking at if carefully, thinking, “What a primitive package”!  You could tell there was this little glass tube inside, which resembled an ampoule.  This is an ancient package that predates chemistry and goes all of the way back to alchemy, you know the guys who wanted to turn lead into gold?  When the alchemist finished heating up their test tubes, they would turn the flame on the side and then crimp and seal the glass tube.  Of course, when you break the glass ampoule inside the glowstick, there are all of these glass shards everywhere.  What a mess!  I thought, there had to be a better way!

Of course, the reason for the glass tube inside the glowstick is to separate the two liquids.  So, to produce that strange cold glowing light, the two liquids have to mix.  To do this, the glass tube breaks and mixes the liquid inside it with the a different liquid outside the glass, but inside the plastic tube.  There had to be a better way!

Everyone’s seen those double syringes for the thick, messy epoxy glues.  I knew that wouldn’t work and that the right package was key.  I started searching for dual dispensers and binary dispensers and came across several different packages.  There were aerosol sprays and pump sprays, but they were all horrible!  Either they didn’t work at all or they leaked all over the place.  What a mess!  Finally, after almost three years of testing, we came upon the right aerosol spray package.

We knew that we were going to be spraying GlowSpray all around, so it had to be safe.  Many glowsticks were flammable and had some banned chemicals in them, so all of that had to go.  Replacing those ingredients and keeping the same glow brightness wasn’t easy, but we did it.  As it turned out, the big advantage of making GlowSpray non-flammable was if you happened to get it in your eyes, it would sting less than Johnson’s Baby Shampoo!

Next time, losing my job during the worst job market since the Great Depression!



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