How To Use GlowSpray

Posted in Uncategorized by glowspray on March 2, 2013

So, what can you do with GlowSpray?  How do you use it?

Think of GlowSpray as a temporary fabric spray.  It works best when sprayed on white, absorbent materials; such as cotton or paper.  GlowSpray is great for spraying on t-shirts and running socks.  A great bar trick is to spray a cotton ball or crumpled up tissue in a clear plastic cup or glass.

You can also spray sidewalks, but you may find that the sidewalk got a little cleaner underneath the letters after washing them away!  You can even spray snow, but set the can outside in the cold for about fifteen minutes before spraying.

You can spray the can in any position, even upside-down.  Get close to the surface to be sprayed.  GlowSpray works best when the nozzle is about three inches away.  This gives you the best control over writing messages and symbols.

GlowSpray will glow for hours and is much, much brighter than any glow-in-the-dark (“photoluminescent”) product.   Unlike glow-in-the-dark sprays, GlowSpray is odorless and NON-FLAMMABLE.  It glows brightly under most conditions and needs no charging from a light source or black light at all.  It is, essentially, a glowstick in a spray can.  The warmer it is outside, the brighter it will glow, but this will also shorten its glow time to only a few hours.   Sometimes, the glow can persist for a whole day.

GlowSpray is the only reusable glow product.  It contains the equivalent of about thirty glowsticks, so you can deliver the power of thirty glowsticks all at once or meter it out slowly over thirty days and nights.  That’s the equivalent of about two hundred hours of glow time; which is ten-times longer than any flashlight!

GlowSpray is temporary and never really dries, so it washes out of even the newest white cotton fabric.  Simply wash with plenty of soap in HOT water.  Repeat if necessary and if a faint remnant persists in the fabric, simply hang it outside in the sun for about thirty minutes and it will be completely gone.

Careful, GlowSpray can drip and run on vertical, non-absorbent surfaces.  It can also remove some paints, finishes and kill some grasses.

GlowSpray has been tested by the Consumer Product Testing Company and found to be safer than Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for eye irritancy.  Do NOT spray GlowSpray in your eyes, face, nose or mouth; but spray it on your t-shirt and have fun.

Stay tuned, next time we’ll talk about where you can buy GlowSpray.

Socks T-shirt and lantern


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